Monday, February 22, 2010

Karrie Arthurs Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire

I wanted to put a little blog entry with the pics below. My tattoo artist and she is truly an artist was featured recently in a magazine called Intl Tattoo Art the March 2010 edition.  The article is about her and her studio

The magazines web site is

They included a number of photos and I was lucky and honored to be one of the tattoo's Karrie selected.  My right leg is in there and my regards to Paul and John as they have never looked better.  This is one of 5 tattoo's that Karrie has done on me.  I have a total of 7 tattoo's but my entire back is done and I consider that 1 tattoo.

The photos below are the article and a few of my tattoo's enjoy.  If you ever want a great piece of artwork forever then contact Karrie and tell her spidey_zombie sent you and trust me she will know who sent you.  She is amazingly talented and loves what she does.


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  1. MMMMMMM tats, I think your tattoo artist might become my best friend once I get the money to get my tats.