Monday, August 24, 2009

TADD Day 1 Black Dynamite

Day 1 consisted of 1 movie "Black Dynamite" which was a spoof on the blacksploitation films of the 70's such as Black Belt Jones and Foxy Brown.

First there was the Canadian Short Captain Coulier (Space Explorer) and I tried to find a link to the short film but was not able. It was directed by Lyndon Casey and was a Canadian take on the Star Trek TV shows. It was able to blend a number of the shows into what can only be described as a short with a Canadian flavor but keeping with the dry wit of the Star Trek franchise, I was entertained which is what I expect from a short film.

Then on to the feature Black Dynamite. The movie was co-written and starred Michael Jai White who was the star of the ill fated Spawn movie. The movie appeared to be set in the 70's and like most blackspoitation films centered around revenge, kung fu and chicks. Black Dynamite's kid brother is murdered and this brings Black Dynamite back into the action to solve his brothers death. Was a he a drug dealer as the cops say and murdered over a drug deal gone bad or is there more here than meets the eye and what role does the social worker have in the whole scheme. The movie never tried to take itself seriously and from the Chili & Donuts stands to the hilarious scene where the black hero's figure out the "master plan" of the enemy the movie moves with a great pace. From car chases with 70's footage cut in to the Chinese to a showdown in the Whitehouse with Tricky Dick this movie never lacks for laughs and action.

I loved the action scenes and there were a number of cameo's from the likes of Arsenio Hall to a Captain Kangaroo look alike. The movie was allot of fun and for an opening night gala really set the tone for the festival. Michael Jai White, besides being a great action and comedic actor has a future as a screen writer. This movie would appeal to most movie goers but unfortunately will never see a wide release. If your looking for a fun movie then check it out.

The link for the preview is and it is worth checking out.


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