Monday, August 24, 2009

Toronto After Dark Day 1 TADD pre-movies

OK I know the festival is over but am going to post what I think are the best movies what I thought of the movies etc. I will also be posting links to the movie previews for the movie I review.

First a little background, TADD is in its 4th year and this year I went with my daughter and we stayed at a great Hostel called Clarence Castle. The opening night we met a couple of people from Toronto Andy and Ryan who had both attended the festival before. TADD shows, horror, sci-fi and action films as well as Asian films. These are smaller movies that would not normally get wide releases.

Andy was a great help in picking the correct seats for the movies as he had been to the Bloor Cinema before. The theatre looked to be built in the 20's with a main floor and 2 balconies, the main floor did not have much of a slope as Andy had mentioned and the best seats in his opinion were the first row in the first balcony. This gave us a nice view and no one in front of us and plenty of leg room.

Adam Lopez the festival director gave a little speech before the first movie and you could tell he was not only excited but also very much a movie lover. There would be a Canadian short film before each feature movie which I was looking forward to.

OK on the first movie and my first review but I leave you with a believe that as long as people attend movie festival like the TADD then genre movies will never die.


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