Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deportation of Criminals in Canada

In yet another example of how this country is more worried about being politically correct and doesn't care about the average person a convicted drug trafficker who was ordered deported in 2004 has been granted yet another stay from a federal judge.

What is it going to take to have these criminals deported quickly and permanently, I am guessing if this judge's daughter or son became addicted to crack cocaine or crystal meth from drugs provide from an immigrant his tone would change. How many changes do we give these people or do we simply say well in "their culture" drug dealing is an accepted practice and like "honor killings" we should be more tolerant.

I know if I was a convicted drug dealer in Vietnam in 2004 I would not be fighting deportation to Canada in 2009, my bones would be de-composing in the ground or I would be rotting in a Vietnamese jail.

Yes, yes know we are suppose to be a more civilized and tolerant country but tolerance only should go so far and when the welfare of good and honest "Canadians" is being threaten by drug dealing immigrants who are members of street gangs then maybe we need to stand up and say something.


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