Thursday, September 24, 2009

Idiots at Movie Theatres

OK, I am going to rant about people at movies who use their phones. I went to a movie tonight and the tickets were free as a friend won them so I should not complain but I am sorry an idiot is an idiot regardless of the circumstances.

It took years for people to stop talking on their cell phones during movies and some still do and usually they are told to shut the bleep up quickly. Now we have everyone texting and for some reason people think opening there phone in the dark and the light from their phone and beeping of the incoming message is OK. I know there are some people who say it is only for a few seconds what does it matter.

I am tempted to carry a small mag light with me and every time someone opens there phone to text walk over shine the light right into there eyes for like 5 seconds and say it's only a few seconds what does it matter.

If your life is so important that you can't stop texting for 2 hours during a movie then maybe you shouldn't be there. If your wife's water breaks while your at the movie here is a friggin hint moron you should not have been at the movie in the first place.

It is too bad that our economy does not have the resources for movie theatres to have ushers monitor the theatres during the movies but even that wouldn't help because people are so arrogant today they would just tell the usher it is there right to text. I wonder if it is my right to use a laser pointer while there texting to annoy them.

OK I am done but 20 years from now when there are no movie theatres anymore and your watching your movie at home then everyone can talk and text and do what ever they wish.


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  1. I know what you mean. There's always a group of assholes at a movie theatre. When I went to see "The Strangers" the people running the film booth were throwing posters, popcorn, and everything they could think of out of the projection window. People were walking out, and I was pissed. I mean they were probably only like 17, and it was the very last showing of the night with very few people, but respect should still have been given for those few that paid to see the film.