Monday, September 7, 2009

TADD Day 3 Movie 2 Dead Snow

Well, ask most people in line at TADD for first 2 days and all you heard was about Dead Snow the nazi zombie movie, how everyone was there to see it. I am afraid sometimes when the build up to movie is this big that the movie itself can be a let down. Well in this case the build up was totally justified, but more about that below

First as always is the Canadian short film and in this case we have Deadwalkers by director Spencer Estabrooks which basically is a zombie western. This short moved well and had great special effects for such a small film. A Marshall brings 2 criminals back to small town in the west but the town is not what it appears. A great film as a pre-cursor to Dead Snow.

Now on to Tommy Wirkola's second feature after Kill Buljo: The Movie which was a Norwegian parody of Kill Bill and now Tommy has moved on to nazi zombie genre. It should be noted that all of Tommy Wirkola's movies, are co-written by himself and Stig Frode Henriksen who also stars in them. This movie was the first sell out of TADD and was zombie appreciation night and the crowd was full of zombies and hard core horror fans. This was a crowd that would have eaten a bad movie to pieces but they had nothing to worry about, Dead Snow delivered in zombies and gore, plenty of both.

A group of friends fresh from medical school decides to go to one of there parents cabin up in the mountains for some winter fun instead of flying to somewhere warm. Tommy Wirkola has all the horror cliches as we have 2 couples, 1 single extremely hot slutty chick, the overweight movie nerd and the quiet cool guy but that is where the stereo types end.

When they get to the cabin, there host is nowhere to be found so her boyfriend heads out to find her leaving the others on there own. Que the strange man who turns up in the dark to tell them the history of the area and thus we know what we are in for. At this point the movie nerd heads to the outhouse for a crap, have to love outhouses in horror flicks and while he is there, it turns out the slutty chick is a movie nerd after all.

Can anyone say outhouse sex and more and from there the mayhem ensues. In the genre of nazi zombie movies Dead Snow will live on as one of the classics. Where else will you see a person get attacked by a zombie but instead of being bitten he bites the zombie and ends up hanging from a cliff by well you will have to see the movie.

Rest assured this movie has everything from decapitations, liberal use of a chainsaw, and much more. It is obvious that Tommy Wirkola has a great love of horror movies and the zombie genre in particular. The story is simple but effective and for a change the characters understand what they are up against and instead of just admitting defeat they fight back and fight back hardcore.

I don't like giving away too much of the story as I have read far too many reviews that tell you exactly what is going on. This movie grabs you and does not let you go and mixes humor well with horror and gore. I look forward to Tommy Wirkola's next film to see what genre he will tackle next.

So far the high point of TADD and all the fans left feeling like the hype and build up was worth it.

Enjoy you zombie fans and here is the link for the trailer


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