Friday, September 4, 2009

TADD Day 2 Movie 4 Embodiment of Evil

Return of Coffin Joe, these words are all that would be needed to bring most gore hounds around interested and curious. Coffin Joe star of such movies as At Midnight I take Your Soul and Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver is back in a new movie. This is a Brazilian movie and is being screened at the festival for the first time in Toronto. It has been 30 years since the last coffin joe movie and this was due to the director/star being ill and not able to make movies.

But first the Canadian short "The Killer Bra" and in attendance was the director and one of the stars. The Killer Bra was a silly over long short about a bra that was possessed by the dead soul of the girl who died trying to buy it. The only redeeming factor was some naked breasts but even that did not make up for a horrible script and bad filming.

So again I was going into the feature with a bad feeling as the short film had left me with a sallow wanting feeling. The movie opens with coffin joe being released from prison after 30 years and he looks as though he has not aged at all. All coffin joe wants is to find the perfect woman to give birth to the perfect child, and is that so bad well if your coffin joe the way you go about is not the best.

This movie was hyped to be extremely violent and gross and in my opinion did not disappoint. From the moment coffin joe is released from prison and met by his faithful sidekick who has recruited a new legion of followers the movie continues along the same line as the previous coffin joe movies.

The movie moves at a good pace and between torture scenes, mutilations, and coffin joe seeing ghosts of past victims it keeps the viewer entertained. This is a movie for hardcore horror fans and fans of the previous coffin joe movies will enjoy this one.

The ending of this movie was very well done and unlike other movies where you wonder whether there will be a sequel this movie screams for a sequel and I hope the director is well enough to make another movie.

I recommend this to all coffin joe fans.

Here is the trailer for the movie


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