Saturday, September 5, 2009

TADD Day 3 International Short Films

It is day three of the festival and my daughter and I went to the International short films without our 2 Torontonians in tow as they decided to skip the shorts. I personally love short films because even if they are not very good they are not very long so you don't have much to sit through.

I am going to just a quick review of each as chances of seeing them are slim for most people reading this.

When It Will be Silent (Israel) director Dan Sachar
This short was profoundly affecting and there was not a single word spoken throughout the 7 minutes but the message it conveyed was strangely powerful. A man the body of a woman and what transpires is both riveting and intriguing.

Die Schneider Krankheit (Spain) director Javier Chillon
This was my favorite and for an 11 minute film it was like a mini epic. I love the fact the entire movie was shown as a black & white newsreel vintage from the 50's when people got there news before movies. An epic has encompassed Germany from a space capsule and how humans can cope and adapt and is it worth it.

Welgunzer (USA) director Bradford Schmidt
This was a well made film about time travel and how it can effect ones mental state and sometimes it is better to just live in ones own reality. Is it better to actually know what has happen before from many different perspectives.

The User's Guide to Imaginary Friends (Spain) director Ciro Altabas
This was a hilarious short film about imaginary friends but shot from a self-help seminar point of view. how do you keep your human interested in maintaining is or her imaginary friend as they get older. The seminar is put on by the legendary Captain Kiloton who has been an imaginary friend to Fernando for over 20 years a record.

Little Mouth to Feed (USA) director Jack Daniel Stanely
To what extents will a woman go to have a child and what would she do to keep that child healthy and alive. This little film examines these facts and for a short film was well shot and quite powerful.

The Horribly Slow Murder with the Extremely Inefficent Weapon (USA) director Richard Gale
This movie was hyped as a really cool funny horror satire but I found it really disappointing and boring. The concept was not even that new and seemed to go on and on and had no real ending. Sorry this did nothing for me.

Santa: The Facist Years (USA) director Bill Plympton
Now this was a hilarious animated news reel type short about how Santa was a bad evil monster before he became the Santa we know. Hint, Santa never fight a battle in the summer with your storm troopin snowman :)

X-Mess Detritus (USA) director Voltaire
This was just a messed up short film with no real point in my opinion. It really is not even worth reviewing.

Zombie Zombie (France) director Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann
A homage to The Thing using GI-Joe dolls, well made but was too typical and had no special effects to say. It was well made from a technical point of view with the stop motion and GI-Joe dolls but did really over whelm me.

King of Power 4 Billion % (Australia) director Paul Roberston
This was just a video game gone horribly wrong with absolutely no point. This was the last short and everyone left going what the fuck was that. Not a good short to end on.

Overall the shorts were well made and fun to watch, as I have said even if the short is poorly made, it is only 15 - 20 minutes long at most.

I found a couple of trailers of some of the shorts

Here is a trailer for Die Schneider Krankheit;jsessionid=6B62EBCAB46223D1982EEAA9A6C9312F

And a trailer for When it will be Silent


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