Friday, September 4, 2009

TADD Day 2 Movie 3 Black

We now move on to the 3rd movie of the day, a french action movie called Black which was preceded by the Canadian short "Becoming". This short film did not belong in this festival as it was did not seem to be in the genre or feel of the festival and the crowd did not enjoy it at all. The ending seemed to be mis-contrived and added just to make it more acceptable for the festival.

With a very poor short film I was looking forward to a good rip roaring action film that promised, lots of action, Russian Mercenaries, voodoo and giant snakes. I should have taken the warning from the short film that this was not my night as this movie started off with a almost comical action sequence that couldn't decide if it was going to be hard core action or action-comedy. Both the Parisian cops and the criminals seemed to be total inept at both hitting anything with there guns and any kind of organization.

The anti-hero of the opening sequence gets away and immediately leaves for Africa after receiving a phone call from a relative he has not seen in years. At this point I knew the movie had miles to go to live up to any expectations I might have. After narrowly escaping a massive shootout with automatic weapons and grenades he just casually leaves the country. In the mean time in Africa the easy score has changed and for some reason a tribe believes a chosen one is coming.

Are we confused yet and then before the heist is to take place his gang falls apart and we throw in an Interpol agent who just happens to be really attracted to our anti-hero. Between corrupt banking officials, the local criminal mastermind who is cohorts with a voodoo witch and some Russian mercenaries the movie just seems to go in many directions and makes no sense.

Just when it was to end you thought all of sudden, there is a tribal ritual and a "joining of the anti-hero and Interpol agent" and then a ridiculous climax and ending that makes even less sense.

Lets just say when it was finished I was like Thank God I made it to the end.

Here is the trailer and it has the best parts

I will leave it up to you but I can't recommend this film in good conscience


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