Friday, September 4, 2009

TADD Day 2 Movie 2 Franklyn

The second movie of the day was a British movie by first time director Gerald McMorrow which looked to be a cross between a cop film and V for Vendetta Utopian society gone bad. Prior to the screening of course was the Canadian short and this time we had Hirsute by A.J. Bond.

A quirky little short about time travel and the extents a man goes to have sex with himself. The short was view and and interesting at the same time which is one of the things I expect out of a short film, keep me entertained and also have a little story. A man has invented time travel and seems to be for the sole purpose of having sex with himself only in Canada.

Franklyn was the directorial debut of Gerald Mcmorrow who also wrote the movie and it starts in a fantasy city where not having faith in a religion is a crime. Faith plays a predominant role in this movie and one wonders how much of a role faith plays in the filmmakers life. Our hero Jonthan Preest (Ryan Reynolds) is a man with no faith who lives outside of the law and is seeking to safe a young heroine a story we have heard many times before. He must kill a man to safe a girl but will he get there in time, and without faith to believe will he be able to safe her.

The movie then jumps to modern day London and a another story begins to unfold of a father (Sam Riley) looking for his son and a woman (Eva Green) searching for acceptance by her mother. The movie then switches back and forth between these realities and the two realities are drawn closer and closer together till we know they are going to collide.

The movie is well shot and visually works quite well but as the story unfolds it becomes less and less compelling and more and more predictable. It could have been a brilliantly dark and mysterious movie but instead opted out for a pat ending. It was made with a nice flair and I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and realities that I will be watching for the next movie from Geral McMorrow if he makes another and give it a try.

The link for the trailer is below


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